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  • Sire Entertainment                                                                                                         
    in the last week                                                                                                                            
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    After searching thru a thousand websites and being pushed around by several sleazy dealerships I ran across Sammy's Cars. When l walked in I was kindly greeted by Sammy himself. Not only did he fight to get me approved with NO CREDIT or physical down payment, he had his nice friend Michael drive 60 miles to pick me up to close the deal and took care of all the minor repairs requested. I am now driving a beautiful 2006 convertible with low mileage and low payments I can afford. Sammy's Enterprise is by far the best place to buy a used car.

  •                                                                                                                          in the last week-
    My wife and I bought a used Honda from Sammy's. Service wasn't fast but it was excellent. Sammy gives each customer his complete attention -- that takes time. We found him to be impeccably honest and forthcoming about the vehicle we were interested in. He even went the extra mile to have a small repair done after we paid for the car. Frankly, I've always been a little suspicious of guys running those little used car lots. Sammy blew away the stereotype.

  •                                                                                                                                in the last week-
    Buying a car can be stressful, especially when your budget is limited, but Sammy, Marciano, and crew made it so light and easy. The guys are very friendly and personable - in a genuine way.
    They happened to have just the car I was looking for, and it had clearly been well looked after. All the cars they had were thoughtfully selected, and my car was presented to me meticulously clean and serviced, with newly replaced parts such as timing belt, water pump, plugs, etc. I purchased an older car, but it is in such great condition you can hardly tell. I don't believe they muck around with buying or selling junk autos. I've had my car for a couple of weeks now and it's running like a dream. The buying process was hassle-free, and they were happy to let me take the car to a mechanic to be looked at. I'm always cautious when making big purchases and ALWAYS do my research, but the price I paid for the vehicle was spot on for what the car is worth.
    Finding a good place to purchase a vehicle can be tough - I definitely can recommend Sammy's!

  • I bought a 2003 Sante Fe From Sammys I love my car! It is very clean and he stands behind the vehicles he sells. I would recommend this car lot to anyone. He is honest and will give you a good deal

                                                                                                                                                Mar 7, 2015
    Customer service was awful


    Sammy is just a shitty guy

    I spent 5 years in the Marine's ive bought cars all over the world and this is the worst dealership ive ever been to, unprofessional and rude. Was trying to buy a car and the shop owner talked to another person from a previous sale for 15-20 mins and was awsnering phone calls during our payment interview, skrewed up the paper work and i had the feeling after the 5th time he asked for some of my information he just wasnt listening to me what so ever 0-10 would never ever go back and ill do my best to make sure everyone one i know avoids them as well

  • Enrique Musngi
    in the last week
    The Lexus ES 300 I bought from Sammy was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with it thus far. I was skeptical about buying my car at first, but when I met Sammy in person, he was very warm. friendly, and honest with me; Sammy completely erased any doubt I had in my mind going through this transaction. He even recommended me to a mechanic to have it checked to reassure me about purchasing this vehicle. One of the best car salesmen I have negotiated with and next time I want to do more business, I am always going to check with Sammy.

  • Jasmin Junio
    in the last week

    I bought my BMW M series coupe yesterday and Sammy and Marciano are the best car people I have known. They are very friendly and accommodating. Sammy will try to help you out, until now he is still trying to get me the best offer for financing in order for me to save money. We will surely buy another car from him. I already referred him to my friends. Thank you so much for everything. Until next time...

  • Cody Shields
    3 weeks ago

    Don't judge a book by its cover. All of his cars are competitively priced and attention to detail was excellent. I checked out a lot of other lots, but Sam really separated himself from the competition. He was very upfront about everything and I love the Camry he sold me yesterday. I would buy another car from him in a heartbeat and will also be recommending him to anyone in need of a good condition used car

  • The Best!!

    by from California |

    Sammy by far is the best used car salesman in the area, me and my wife was looking for a used SUV for a decent price and mileage. Not only was the car in good condition it runs great, Sammy is an honest and truthful person, bending over backwards to please the customer. The Ford expedition that we ended up buying had a missing grille piece, Sammy ordered us the piece and even paid it himself. The serpentine belt was making a whistling noise and the A/C wasn't blowing out cold air, Sammy took care of everything. These people at Sammy's Enterprise are by far the best people to work with, i would most definitely recommend Sammy to friends and family who need a used car.

  • Diana Winfrey Great Time

    by from Fullerton CA |

    Such nice people.. I worked with Sammhy over the phone and he had everything ready when I was ready to purchase the vehicle....It was clean, just as described....they filled it with gas as well. They even took my Saab as a trade and worked with the payment I wanted. Great location, Great and honest people...very nice and would highly recommend to anyone! I will be back for my next vehicle!!! Thanks guys

  • Got a great deal in a not so great neighborhood

    by from Cerritos, CA |

    I was putting gas in my old beater car at the Chevron next door to Sammy's cars one night, when I noticed a nice Toyota Sequoia. I went over to take a look, but the lot was closed. So I came back the next day and was greeted by a chubby fellow who said his name was Sammy. He was finishing up some paperwork with another customer, so I had to wait a few minutes, but I gave me time to look at some of the other cars on the lot. I was impressed with the cars he had on the lot, but I was only interested in the Sequoia. Long story short, I test drove the car and it ran like a champ. The title was clean (I was told by Sammy that he only sells clean title cars, so I didn't have to worry) and so I did the paperwork and was able to get a nice financing, even though my credit was not that great (divorce and got laid off in the same year). I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a nice deal on a clean car. Just make sure you go during the daytime because it gets a bit noisy at nights due to the location. P.S., there was another guy name Michael (he looked like some guy I used to know 12 years ago, but wasn't the same guy) at the lot (he was Sammy's assistant), he gave me some really good advice for my kidney stone. He recommended some beer from Czech, a specific pilsner beer and told me I could get them from the Alpine Village in Torrance. Went over and got some and a few bottles later, I was able to pass one of my smaller kidney stones. Thanks Michael!

  • Unproffesional and unethical behavior

    by from Rocky Mount, NC |

    I tried to purchase a used car from the business and was promised that I could buy the car then, after five days I was told they would not sell me the car! The reason given was that I live on the east coast and the dealership was on the west coast therefore he rather sell the car locally! Also the salesman sounded rude and did not conduct business professionally! It was a very bad experience dealing with the company and I would not recommend them to anyone! Why advertise nationally but prefer to sell locally?

  • if you want a Dealer that goes extra mile....

    by from upland,ca |

    OMG! if you are car shopping online and you come across Sammy's Enterprise, don't hesitate to make the drive to check them out! My hubby and I just purchased a Honda CRV from Sammy today and are ecstatic! I was surprised at the great condition of the car we were interested in and noticed all the cars on the lot were worth checking out. Michael was very nice and helpful. Sammy went above and beyond to satisfy us as customers and made good on his advertised price! Bottom line: good experience, friendly to deal with, honest. Thank you Sammy!

  • Sammy's the HONEST used car man.

    by from Laguna HIlls, CA |

    We recently purchased a gem of a truck from Sammy. I was very concerned about the vehicle I was choosing as my two daughters would be driving the truck/suv. Well we went up to Bellflower to view the car and we forgot our check book. Sammy stayed late as we drove back to home in south OC and back up to Bellflower and completed our purchase. We got a great vehicle. Sure i put on some new shocks and such for the used SUV (changed all the fluids) but it was mechanically very sound per my mechanic that gave it the once over. Sammy is honest and will tell you 'he doesn't buy junk' at auctions. He is right..he'd rather have happy customers! Go see Sammy for a good Vehicle.

  • Roxanne , Oct 30, 2014
    I bought the Mustang, and I love it!

  • Esther    Oct 9 , 2014

    Sammy and Marciano are the best car dealers I've ever met....we ended up buying a 2005 Buick...Sammy got us the best deal in town....thank you Sammy

  • Klikse               Sep 19 ,  2014

    If you look for a used car - go to Sammy. Amazing deal, amazingly friendly - and no complaints. Sammy is your man!!

  • Alexander     Sep 1, 2014

    Sammy and assistant were kind enough, all the cars were in some sort of accident, (he explicitly told my party and I) and that was a deal breaker. If you're looking for cheap cars with a price to match, then look no further, but buyer beware for the car's history. Wouldn't recommend to any of my friends at all.

  •     02/17/2013

    Very happy with my purchase Specially salesman Mike was polite and knowledgeable I would recommend this place.

  • I purchased a car from Sammys ...


    I purchased a car from Sammys Enterprises over 6 month ago . Due to my work I already put over 13000 miles and so far I had no problem . I realy like my car.

  • buyer beware! Went to see a ca...


    buyer beware! Went to see a car and Sammy seemed very nice at first, but after merely mentioning that our mechanic said the exhaust and brakes needed repair he flew off the handle and actually became verbally abusive, screaming at me as he walked away, while his sidekick Mike tried to play &amp;quot;good cop&amp;quot;. I'm not sure who that kind of abusive sales tactic works on, but not this woman! These guys really did live up to the used car salesman stereotype. Dodgy place - subtract a star from the one yp made me give.

  • Buying at Car at Sammy's Enterprise

    by from Bellflower, CA 90706 |

    Hello, My name is Sabrina Parker I brought a car from Sammy Enterprise September 2013 for my son. Sammy's is a very honest person. I was able to test drive the car and work out a good deal. The overall Customer service is outstanding. One thing about Sammy if you leave him a message he will call you back. Mike, is also very good and friendly. So, if you need a Good used car you should stop by Sammy's and speak with him you would be very satified. Thank you

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